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I’m going to do the sin by talking of these two. Oh yeah, I’m talking of Yaoi.

First off, maybe a nice quick intro. Hi, I’m Liz, and I live most of my life with my head in history books, and planning on one of my majors being European History.

I get into arguments with people a lot over my love of Austria and Prussia being a pairing, and I hate to say it, but I blame Himaruya for it. It’s not because he portrayed a character wrong (even though he does at times), but more so that nobody, other than those people willing to go and look up history, will know the rest of the story.

For example, our wonderful view of the Silesian Wars (that’s the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years’ War). And while yes, it’s hilarious to hear “Prussia has occupied my Vital Regions!” or “Pansy Ass Aristocrat!”, what people don’t think of is this: That there’s more to the dynamics of Austria and Prussia’s relationship other than two silly wars over a piece of land.

First off, The Hapsburg Dynasty basically had been in control of the Holy Roman Empire many generations before 1740. Plus I hate to break it to the world, but Prussia was technically part of the Holy Roman Empire as well, none the less, the Teutonic Order served under the Holy Roman Emperor before that land became Prussia.

Skip ahead of our wars and you’ll see fighting still between the two. Who wouldn’t? These two were empires; If you controlled land from the Rhine, out to lands in Ukraine, down all the way to Northern Italy, wouldn’t you want to stay potent in Europe’s political stage? Thus, wouldn’t you work hard to fight against someone who may be in the same situation as yourself to prevent losing that prestige? That was basically the two’s issue. Along with their pitiful Seven Weeks’ War fought over who would gain control of current day Germany. But one other point I want to throw out when it came to the 1800’s, was the Era of Napoleon. Prussia and Austria worked side by side, none the less with England to prevent France from expanding. Heck, the Congress of Vienna, 1814. Look it up people.

So, I’ll stop my historical ranting with this and just point out that there’s more to the two than just fighting. They can work well with one another, and even have at one point, a very good and healthy relationship with one another. So before someone just goes and bashes the pairing, think of this first.

 OP, I love you.

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Prussia wants Austria badly, and might even be in love with him (though he’d never ever admit it).

If I got a Dollar for every time I read this sentence (or a similar one with the same content) somewhere, I’d be a ritch woman by now.

Maybe that is why I got so bored by this pairing.
Because everywhere I look, every Fanart and Fanfic, it’s always either them denying they want each other and ending up fucking anyways (bonus if Austria is a textbook example of an uke)… or Austria get’s brutally abused and raped and he goes crying in a corner because he is oh so weak.

And if anyone disagrees, please, please proove me wrong.
I don’t care enough to search anymore.


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Hi everyone and welcome on my tumblr page ^^ I’m an italian artist, that  would want to becaming a comics artist. In this page I will publish my art works and drawings that I make in free time.
I hope that you like it <3

Enjoy ;)

Ah, I liked that one 8D

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Ah, the corset again… ♥

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